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Individual joke listings

  • The redneck was here
  • Co-worker a hacker?
  • Fun during the exam
  • Reasons to work late
  • TV beats the WWW
  • Signs of being drunk
  • New college courses
  • Terrible audio books
  • Fun giving your blood
  • The human chalkboard
  • Y2K Disney damage
  • Others using e-mail
  • That's a bad computer
  • A very bad anniversary
  • Annoying those waiters
  • Allow drinking at work
  • At a fake woodstock?
  • Learn watching movies
  • Learned from your kids
  • Don't buy women this
  • Signs the car is a lemon
  • Commercial Christmas
  • McDonalds food ideas
  • Never hear a man say
  • Never hear women say
  • Having a very bad day
  • Recalled Chrstimas toys
  • Cats are thinking about
  • You're stressed when
  • You from New York?
  • Things dad won't say
  • Bad hostage negotiator
  • Dogs not on computers
  • Drink too much coffee
  • A new car from AOL
  • Excuses for sleeping
  • You an Internet addict?
  • Too many Y2K fears
  • AOL as an entire city
  • You're a bad customer
  • Cards not in Hallmark
  • Wrong kid is mowing
  • All of life's annoyances
  • Terrorize telemarketer
  • Tell him that he's stupid
  • You're no longer cool
  • Bad to hear in surgery
  • Adults learn from kids
  • Signs of the 2000's
  • Thinnest books around
  • Make life simpler tips
  • True Internet addiction
  • Top Ten Lists
  • You are in California
  • Government problems
  • Gas price comparison
  • Most useless inventions
  • Signs that you're broke
  • Television from Iraq
  • Know because of TV
  • How cold is it outside?
  • Good to be Canadian
  • To do at the drivethru
  • Good to be an Italian
  • Good to be American
  • Top Valujet slogans
  • Signs your burned out
  • Fun at others expense
  • Fun to do in elevators
  • Good to be French
  • Broker market crash
  • Recent cartoon rejects
  • Scary fortune cookies
  • Halloween handouts
  • The Hollywood hotel
  • Disney cruise delays
  • Your dentist is crazy
  • Asteroid hits the Earth
  • Don't say to a judge
  • Well, how do I look?
  • Bad at an office party
  • Santa must be drinking
  • Bad to say at funerals
  • Internet crime heroes
  • You have a boring job
  • Excuses for speeding
  • Very bad private eye
  • Must be out of shape
  • Terrible history teacher
  • To do in space station
  • In a bad nursing home
  • Send kids to school
  • Top ten error messages
  • Don't say to security
  • Checking the salad bar
  • Stay in West Virginia
  • Heard at a tax office
  • Time to do the laundry
  • A relationship is over
  • Flying on a bad airline

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