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Terms of Service

The below text details the terms of use for Aha! Jokes. The terms of usage includes the acknowledgements and assumed responsibilities of both the user and Aha! Jokes.

Acknowledgement of names
  1. The words "user", "users", or "you" and all other phrases and words that may be deemed to have a similar meaning, appearing within this agreement represent any parties (or party) and any individuals (or individual) "using", to the extent of downloading and displaying electronic documents, including but not limited to HTML documents, this site, Aha! Jokes.
  2. The phrase "this site", the word "we", the word "our", or any variations thereof appearing within this agreement represent Aha! Jokes as a company, our subsidiaries, our employees, our services, our features, our programs, our graphics, our publications, our policies, our documents, and all else that may be deemed to belong to Aha! Jokes or that applies to a specific statement or point.
User terms and conditions
  1. You acknowledge your full acceptance of these terms by your actions; browsing this site and making use of our services acknowledges your full acceptance of these terms.
  2. You take full responsibility for the criminal and illegal actions taken while visiting Aha! Jokes or any subsidiaries of Aha! Jokes. These illegal activities include but are not limited to the sale or purchase of contraband on our site, the exchange of pirated software on our site, or the threatening of users on our site.
  3. You take complete responsibility for any indirect or direct damages or losses that may occur to you while visiting any page, subsidiary, or section of this site.
  4. You acknowledge that these terms of usage for Aha! Jokes are subject to immediate change, improvement, and/or modification without prior notification or approval from this site.
  5. You acknowledge that some pages, subsidiaries, or sections of this site may be deemed offensive but agree not to hold this site responsible for the potentially offensive material.
  6. You acknowledge that the views, opinions, and documents within this site do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this site. Many items on this site are written by other parties.
  7. You are solely responsible for ensuring that no material published to this site by you personally violates trademark, copyright, patent, or any other law(s) whether local, state, federal, or otherwise. Copyrighted material may only be posted to this site if prior consent from the copyright holder is acquired.
  8. You will refrain from "hacking" on this site, breaking through our security on this site, or making attempts to break through our security on this site whether or not that attempted breach or breach of security causes damages, losses, or destruction.
  9. You acknowledge that the quality, completeness, accuracy, and validity of the information within this site should be determined solely by you; inaccurate data, errors, or missing data is possible.
  10. You will not post, publish, or display any material on, within, or through this site that is hateful, threatening, racist, pornographic, defamatory, promotes scams, can be deemed as "spam mail", or that otherwise violates any local, state, and federal laws.
  11. If any part, section, or guideline within this policy is proven to be invalid, void, or incorrect, all other guidelines still remain intact and enforced to their full extent.
  12. You will not resell, duplicate, copy, reproduce, or distribute in part or whole any section of this site commercially, privately, or publicly. Any discovery of such reproduced data may result in legal action.
  13. You will hold harmless this site from any losses (including attorney fees), damages, claims, liabilities, or problems that may occur during your involvement with this site, submissions made to this site, dealings with others on this site, or any other actions performed on this site that may result in loss.
  14. You acknowledge that, despite our great efforts to uphold privacy to the best of our ability, as illustrated by our privacy policy, data sent through the Internet, as can data at physical locations that are even heavily guarded, can potentially be breached or read. You therefore agree to indemnify Aha! Jokes from all legal responsibility and liability for such events as, but not limited to, security breaches, stolen information, successful hacking attempts against this site, lost information, or other actions that result in the untimely and unexpected release of information.
Content syndication
  1. We authorize the syndication and republication of a reasonable amount (as deemed reasonable by our employees, typically not more than sixty (60) unique items, jokes, or images) of our content (jokes, cartoons, and humor), providing that some form of credit is given to our site when such content appears in written or electronic publications, community newsletters, or journals.
  2. Credit, as mentioned above, is typically in the form of a very small (but readable) line of text and should include at least the title (Aha! Jokes) and URL ( of our site. A sample credit line would appear as follows. Source: Aha! Jokes,
  3. In exchange for providing such credit in electronic or written publications, Aha! Jokes, upon request via e-mail, is willing to link to (as a means of promotion) said publications to assist them in their growth and future success. Furthermore, upon request, we are willing, to an extent we deem justified, to assist said publications in gathering or finding content that they may need.
  4. To republish or syndicate content in a presentation (class, business, or otherwise), announcement, speech, discussion, or other verbal communication, no credit is required, though it is appreciated.
  5. If you feel these republication and syndication terms are not suitable, justified, or applicable to your needs, please contact us here, so we may discuss your specific needs further and may work with you to create an agreement that is suitable for you, your company, or your project.
  1. You acknowledge that all newsletter(s) released and distributed by Aha! Jokes, including but not limited to Laughing Gas, are a privilege and not a right. We reserve the right to remove, refuse, or ban a user from our newsletter(s) at any time without prior notice.
  2. Your acknowledgement and full acceptance of Aha! Jokes' terms and conditions is given by subscribing and maintaining a subscription to any or all of our newsletters.
  3. You acknowledge that, as with the Aha! Jokes web site, the views, opinions, and documents, such as newsletter articles or the entire newsletter itself, given do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this site. Many items on this site are written by other parties.
  4. You acknowledge that, as with the Aha! Jokes web site, you will hold harmless this site from any losses (including attorney fees), damages, claims, liabilities, or problems that may occur during your involvement with this site, submissions made to this site, dealings with others on this site, or any other actions performed on this site that may result in loss.
  5. You acknowledge that, despite a newsletter being a different form of electronic content than a Web site, all other terms and conditions stated within this page or other policies of Aha! Jokes apply to newsletters or other forms of content.
Aha! Jokes terms and conditions
  1. No responsibility is taken by this site for the actions committed by users while they are visiting any pages on this site whether these actions be legal or illegal.
  2. We are not responsible for any indirect or direct losses, (including attorney fees), damages, claims, liabilities, or otherwise that may be incurred during your involvement with this site.
  3. No responsibility is taken for any user that may engage himself/herself/themselves in illegal activities, including but not limited to hacking, fraud, or stealing, while using Aha! Jokes or its subsidiaries.
  4. While Aha! Jokes takes great efforts to provide accurate information, this site makes no guarantees that the information anywhere on or within the site is entirely accurate, complete, or holds any validity whatsoever. The judgment of these factors should be made solely by the user.
  5. No responsibility is taken for the failure or downtime of the systems on which this site is hosted. The host itself also takes no responsibility for any failures or downtime.
  6. No responsibility is taken for any site(s) that may have (a) link(s) off of this site. This includes but is not limited to responsibility for downtime, damages, losses, illegal activities, poor privacy standards, or poor ethical standards.
  7. This site reserves the right to make improvements, modifications, or changes to this agreement at any time without prior notification. However, this site does agree to mark all changes that have taken place in the terms and conditions policy found here within the past month in italics.
  8. Aha! Jokes reserves the right to make modifications to our privacy policy or our terms and conditions without prior notification or approval. Additions and modifications that have taken place within the past month will often be italicized.
Content Submission
  1. You must hold the rights to any content you submit to Aha! Jokes. Any content submitted which you do not have the rights to may be removed.
  2. By submitting your content to Aha! Jokes you give us the right to modify said content to better fit the site. Credit will be given for any jokes regardless of how much they were modified. Modifications typically involve corrections of spelling/grammar, and slight changes to language used to give the joke better flow. In some cases jokes may be adapted to be more relatable to the majority of our audience.
  3. Jokes submitted in a non-English language will be translated via online services if possible. Non-English jokes unfortunately will not be published.
  4. If you feel your joke has been modified in a way which you do not approve of, contact us and we will remove it at your request.
  1. No responsibility is taken by Aha! Jokes for unauthorized copyrighted material found on this site, any subsidiary of Aha! Jokes, or any linked sites from Aha! Jokes. In some cases, our employees or contributors may be unaware of copyrights. We have not knowingly or willingly placed any material on this site containing copyrights without giving credit.
  2. We do, however, respect the rights of the copyright holder. If you know of copyrighted information on this site that appears to be infringing and that is being used without authorization, please notify us via e-mail. At that point, information on the specific procedures for showing proof of copyright will be provided.

    After proof of copyright has been shown, the copyrighted material will be removed immediately. If, however, the copyright holder does not object to the use of his/her information, it will remain on the site with due credit.

    * To further define credit, several text lines will be placed at the top of a document giving the basic information deserved about the author and his/her copyright.
  3. Designs, formatting, and graphics found on this site are all copyrighted by Aha! Jokes or their respective copyright holders. Unauthorized use is prohibited unless otherwise stated on this site.
  4. syndicates and/or republishes content with permission from other publishers. All dumb laws found on are part of an original collection compiled by and are under copyright through their respective owners, Jeff Koon and Andy Powell.