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Fun Downloads

Fun downloads, amusements, and hilarious files.

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Compression: To save you download time, we have compressed or "zipped" all fun downloads. To access these files, you will need a method to decompress them. If you do not already have a decompression agent, we suggest using WinZip®. Click here to download an evaluation copy.

Viruses: Files have been virus-scanned, yet it's encouraged that you virus scan the files yourself. By making a download on this site, realize, as is always the case, you agree to all terms of use.

Individual file listings

Humorous files
  • DOS vs. WindowsNew!
    File name:
    File size: 23.4KB

  • Total wasted timeNew!
    File name:
    File size: 159KB

  • Mad cow disease
    File name:
    File size: 212KB

  • Insulter program
    File name:
    File size: 136KB

  • Seasons greetings
    File name:
    File size: 0.99MB

  • Underwater Computer
    File name:
    File size: 28KB

  • Please lay me off
    File name:
    File size: 116KB

  • Reading your mindNew!
    File name:
    File size: 187KB

  • The cute desktop sheep
    File name:
    File size: 114KB

  • Were you Y2K ready?
    File name:
    File size: 206KB

  • Try exiting this program
    File name:
    File size: 96.6KB

  • Fun games
  • Playing air hockey
    File name:
    File size: 75.5KB

  • Kill storm troopers
    File name:
    File size: 240KB

  • Try whacking a mole
    File name:
    File size: 47.6KB

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