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Computer Jokes

Computer jokes, humor, and cartoons about technology, software, Microsoft, hardware, Y2K problems, the Internet and more!

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Individual joke listings

  • Computer virus types
  • Gates picks his own hell
  • Would you define OCR?
  • Y2K damage at Disney
  • Proper floppy disk care
  • Problems at your end
  • Is Windows a virus?
  • Some bumper stickers
  • Mailing list users change
  • A Microsoft Christmas
  • Life of computer lamer
  • The Apple explosion
  • Windows errors codes
  • Co-worker a hacker?
  • 25 BBS Commandments
  • TV better than WWW
  • Trouble with car breaks
  • Alice is in UNIX land
  • Husband 1.0 software
  • Great news for Gates
  • Confusion about Y2K
  • Software development
  • Girlfriend 1.0 software
  • The hacker syndrome
  • How to shoot yourself
  • The night before crisis
  • Acronyms for Emacs
  • Possible IBM acronyms
  • Computer help stories
  • Architect programmer
  • New Windows slogans
  • Ten C Commandments
  • Acronyms for languages
  • A corporate Christmas
  • Here are real opcodes
  • Others using your e-mail
  • Programmer's drink song
  • The user's reboot poem
  • Actual help center calls
  • Bill Gates can choose
  • Microsoft buys church
  • Airplanes running an OS
  • Real software engineers
  • Operating system beers
  • Answer to Y2K worries
  • Guide to computer lingo
  • Dr. Seuss technical writer
  • Signs your computer is bad
  • Cause problems in labs
  • Internet addiction when...
  • Windows rejection song
  • True Tech Support stories
  • The Programmer's cheer
  • Forget about Y2K fears
  • MS TV dinner instructions
  • Life before the computer
  • I have a Microsft waiter
  • Redneck computer terms
  • The technical geek test
  • Too much computer use
  • Computer Jokes
  • New line of MS products
  • The world's smartest man?
  • Computer history of world
  • Caring for floppy disks
  • Password selection rules
  • A redneck been there?
  • The Borg versus Microsoft
  • Changes in auto industry
  • Abbott calling Costello
  • Twelve bugs of Christmas
  • Microsoft runs the I.R.S.
  • Newest MS computer game
  • Microsoft renames itself
  • Microsoft trademarks TM
  • Waiting on a long line
  • New product cuts stress
  • Windows 98 hourly tweaks
  • A letter to the editors
  • The system crash song
  • Question and answer
  • Changing number terms
  • Purchasing furniture
  • Fixing broken computers
  • I have a keyboard error
  • Type what I tell you
  • Oh the Internet is slow
  • Life cycle of software
  • Computer acronyms list
  • What movies teach us
  • Internet can get worse
  • If Microsoft built cars
  • Computer problem report
  • Customer support logs
  • Write your code in C
  • Ode to spell checkers
  • Computer used too long
  • Graphics work too much
  • Bought a bad computer
  • Internet addictions
  • Ethical software group
  • Internet highway blues
  • The computer prayer
  • Surfing the Internet
  • User song and music
  • Night before Christmas
  • Gender and computers
  • Definition of Windows
  • The power of shifting
  • 100 Buckets of Bits
  • AOL addiction poem
  • Microsoft versus GM

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