Funny Tests

Funny Tests

Funny Tests, clean, updated often, and ranging in topics from English diction to vending machines. Each joke is labeled, and all have been filtered for the best quality. You'll find funny tests about getting a grade changed, about customer service, about protest satisfaction, and more!

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Individual joke listings

  • Residency application
    File description: If you can
    answer all or most of these
    questions, you're probably
    a hick in the extreme.

  • Worker evaluations
    File description: Here is what management really have behind their desks to evaluate your skills and mistakes.

  • Protest satisfaction
    File description: This protestor evaluation will enusre that even protestors are satisfied with the company and area.

  • Survey for nerds
    File description: This long and detailed survey will help you discover how much of a nerd you truly are in life.

  • English diction
    File description: If you can read these pronunciations outloud and quickly, you deserve a prize.

  • L.A. Math test
    File description: This high school math exam gives you insight into life in a crime-filled society.

  • Easy grade change
    File description: This is yet another grade change form to use if you hate that D you just got in a class.

  • Funny Tests
  • Join M.U.N.S.A.
    File description: Think that you're stupid? Really stupid? Join MUNSA to display your ignorance to all!

  • Grade change form
    File description: Failing a course? Getting a grade you don't want? Use this form to change it with ease!

  • Vending machine
    File description: If you're a vendor, this form will certainly help you with repairs and notices for buyers.

  • Arkansas governer
    File description: This form reflects the "hick" ways of some people and the attributes that those people have.

  • Customer feedback
    File description: Purchase a state-of-the-art bomber? This form helps you give McDonell Douglass feedback.

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