Math jokes

Math Jokes

Math jokes and mathetmatics humor about algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, proofs, addition, and more!

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Note: To find this mathematics joke division funny, some jokes require having a strong background in mathematics courses, statistics, and geometry.

Individual joke listings

  • Equal positive integers
  • Three is equal to four
  • Dollars equal ten cents
  • One plus one are two
  • All numbers are equal
  • Log negative one zero
  • One equal to one half
  • Numbers equal zero
  • Dollars equal cents
  • N equals N plus one
  • Four is equal to five
  • Math Jokes
  • One is negative one
  • Proof E equal to one
  • Crocodile is longer
  • Mathematics in general
  • Math is turning bad
  • Two plus two is five
  • Story about infinity
  • Refrigerate elephants
  • Debate about the box
  • The math one-liners
  • Statistics
  • The birthday study
  • The results of statistics
  • Risk of plane bombs
  • Statistical one-liners
  • Purchasing the shoes
  • Answering machine
  • Worries while flying
  • Misunderstood people
  • Reducing travel risk
  • The fate of marriages

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