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Disney Cruise Delays

The Top 10 Reasons Disney Delayed Launching Their Cruise Line

Pluto's "accident" on Deck 3

Room service using Aladdin was getting out of hand.

Exterminator killed off "rat" problem only to discover they were Mickey and Minnie's cousins.

Drunken dispute between Donald and The Mighty Ducks over who was mightier.

Charo kept showing up.

The Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" kept eating the midnight buffet.

The Seven Dwarfs vandalized the ship after failing to meet the "You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride" Requirements.

Stench of seawater and 101 Dalmations was too strong.

Tour guide Goofy goes into drunken rampage and uses Chip and Dale as Shuffleboard discs.

New hires Doc,Isaac,and Gopher quit days before launch,citing that this job is not as "exciting and new" as their last one.