Ethnic jokes

Ethnic Jokes

Ethnic jokes and humor about people across the world. You will find ethnic jokes about different cultures, about Mexicans at the border, about Americans, about foreigners, and far more!

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Ethnic jokes: These ethnic jokes are, if anything, intended to poke fun at all nationalities and races equally. They aren't meant to hurt or insult anyone, and most jokes can apply to all ethnic backgrounds.

Individual joke listings

  • What's on your back?
  • Marketing translations
  • English is really crazy
  • Jump out of the plane
  • A cultural comparison
  • Measuring on the job
  • Why English is tough
  • English is very strange
  • Defining these words
  • Angering the Irishman
  • Mexican is at border
  • Texas builds all larger
  • Facts about Americans
  • Caught by a local tribe
  • How to speak Southern
  • Competition of a nation
  • Defining the Americans
  • Welcoming to America
  • Admit that you did that
  • Only found in America
  • Native American trades
  • Discussing the tax rates
  • Touring guide for North
  • Unfamiliar with a term
  • Throwing away garbage
  • Native American hears
  • Researching this insect
  • Evaluating this painting
  • Learning Chinese terms
  • Japan's quality standard
  • Bragging about Japan
  • Ethnic Jokes

  • Finding a Chinese Jew
  • Diplomat wants water
  • Remaining as enemies
  • Eating the piece of fruit
  • Ant and a grasshopper
  • Newfie goes skydiving
  • Using nails on a house
  • Simplified income taxes
  • Touring a new saw mill
  • Methods of execution
  • You are from Canada
  • Try to settle the dispute
  • Strange people are here
  • Traveling on the train
  • The new Euro language
  • Irishman declares war
  • Make it out of a desert
  • A drunk Irisihman falls
  • Where are you living?
  • Trapped within a bog
  • History of the bagpipes
  • Question and answer
  • Irish girl confesses sins
  • The Missionary

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