Religious jokes

Religious Jokes

Religious jokes and humor, relating to churches, ministers, nuns, sermons, faith, miracles, and more!

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Individual joke listings

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  • What are the pictures?
  • Satan vists the church
  • Do you go to church?
  • Hide him during a war
  • Overcrowded church
  • Bloopers in the church
  • A little girl wants to go
  • Bloopers in the church
  • Signs seen near church
  • Church for this drunk
  • What is it like to you?
  • Why Eve was created
  • Offer made to Adam
  • Where have you been?
  • A very faithful woman
  • The blind man is here
  • Nuns discussing drinks
  • Car just broke down
  • A minister tells a joke
  • Closing sermon words
  • Minister gives sermon
  • A problem with teeth
  • Try to help the people
  • The preacher is dying
  • Pastor painting church
  • Letters to the Pastor
  • After giving a sermon
  • God granting miracles
  • Lightning just struck
  • Burglars just broke in
  • Truly incredible dog
  • Minister Billy Graham
  • At the construction job
  • Religious Jokes

  • Question and answer
  • Modern world morals
  • A sermon about lying
  • Bloopers of children
  • What's your religion?
  • Highly religious horse
  • Microsoft gets church
  • Learning information
  • What has caused it?
  • Taxi driver in Heaven
  • Seeing a child in need
  • History of a property
  • Question and answer
  • What is God's name?
  • Animals go to Heaven
  • Encountering a bear
  • Worries about a risk
  • Religious One-Liners
  • Getting a Promotion
  • Service for Your Dog
  • New Office Supplies
  • College Exam Plea
  • Telling Some Stories
  • Two Trouble Makers New!

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