Travel jokes

Travel Jokes

Travel jokes and humor about automobiles, vacations, tourists, staying at hotels, going on trips, traffic signs, visiting foreign countries, and much more!

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Individual joke listings

  • I own the fastest car
  • The very bad accident
  • New airbag in Detroit
  • Save the dead rabbit
  • Working on the road
  • Do this while driving
  • Arguing about the sign
  • Touring South America
  • Crossing the border
  • Cop wants an excuse
  • Your wife just fell out
  • Confuse traffic signs
  • Just cut your hair first
  • Where is this place?
  • Were you drinking?
  • Avoiding a big object
  • A driving school test
  • Now he's in trouble
  • Chief is at a wedding
  • Clinton is vacationing
  • Travel with a horse
  • Bum in need of food
  • After a bad accident
  • The train has failed
  • Driver illegally parks
  • Travel in the far east
  • Rolls-Royce vs. Yugo
  • Get me off this train
  • Travel Jokes

  • Snake solves problem
  • Car company names
  • Try to get some rest
  • New driver's license
  • Don't do while driving
  • Clever news reporter
  • Deaf lady in trouble
  • Haircut before a trip
  • New ticket technology
  • Stay over one night
  • Run over the rooster
  • Murphy's Travel Laws
  • You're at a Bad Motel
  • You're in the Desert
  • On a truck's mudflaps
  • On the back of a van
  • Heard on a public bus
  • Talking on a plane
  • Where are we going?
  • Tour near glaciers
  • Angry drivers meet

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