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Possible IBM Acronyms

IBM: It's Being Mended

IBM: Inmense Ball of Muck

IBM: I Believe in Memorex

IBM: It's Better than Macintosh!

IBM: Idiots Built Me

IBM: Intense Bowel Movement

IBM: Inferior But Marketable?

IBM: I've Been Mislead

IBM: It's Better Manually

IBM: Infinitly Better Macintosh

IBM: Indefinitly Boggled Machine

IBM: I Bought a Mac

IBM: I Blame Microsoft.

IBM: I Bought Macintosh

IBM: I'll Buy Macintosh

IBM: I've Been Moved

IBM: I've Been Mugged

IBM: Incontinent Bowel Movement

IBM: Identical Blue Men

IBM: Idiotic Bit Masher

IBM: Idiots Become Managers

IBM: Incompatible Business Machines

IBM: Incredibly Boring Machine

IBM: Infernal Bloody Monopoly

IBM: Institute of Black Magic

IBM: Internal Beaurocratic Mess

IBM: International Brotherhood of Magicians

IBM: Intolerant of Beards and Mustaches

IBM: It'll Be Messy

IBM: It's Backwards, Man

IBM: Itty Bitty Machines

IBM: Itty Bitty Morons

IBM: It Barely Moves

IBM: I Buy Mainframes

IBM compatible - IBM contemptible