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Tuesday, July 1, 2003 From the Webmaster...

New Commitment to Staying Funny

Aha! Jokes will soon enter its second year on the World Wide Web. During the last two years, we added thousands of jokes, hundreds of funny pictures, and dozens of fun pages to our archive, and let's just say this is only the beginning, for today marks the start of a new commitment by the Aha! Jokes team to "staying funny."

At times, in the past, we have neglected to update Aha! Jokes as often as we should, and every now and then, we've even wanted to make use of the large, black sledge hammers we keep on hand to solve all of those "technical difficulties" that always seem to arise late into the night.

We've survived the complaints, the sleepless nights, and the occasional coffee shortages we experience now and then, and we still want to keep going. When we first started Aha! Jokes, we had one goal in mind. We wanted to make people happy and make people laugh. Today, our goal is no different, and from today onward, we plan to update Aha! Jokes very frequently, improve virtually every aspect of our Web site, and develop a humor Web site anyone of any age will enjoy.

Please support us on this quest by telling others about Aha! Jokes, signing up for Laughing Gas, our spam-free humor newsletter, supporting our sponsors, and giving us your suggestions, thoughts, and ideas. Feel free to e-mail us with anything you think will help us along the way.

Thank you very much for your support, and in the months to come, we'll do our best to make Aha! Jokes the funniest, highest-quality humor site on the World Wide Web. Have a great week! -- Alex Brunelle

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