Mouse jokes

Mouse jokes

Mouse jokes, clean, updated often, and filtered for the best quality. Plus, these are just one of the many types of animal jokes for kids you'll find.

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Mouse jokes 01

What are crisp, like milk and go 'eek, eek, eek' when you eat them?
Mice Krispies!

What is small, furry and brilliant at sword fights?
A mouseketeer!

What do you get if you try to cross a mouse with a skunk?
Dirty looks from the mouse!

What is a mouse's favorite record?
'Please cheese me'!

What goes eek, eek, bang?
A mouse in a minefield!

What squeaks as it solves crimes?
Miami mice!

What did Tom get when he locked Jerry in the freezer?
Mice cubes!

What's gray, squeaky and hangs around in caves?

What mouse was a Roman emperor?
Julius Cheeser!

Who is king of all the mice?
Mouse Tse Tung!

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