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Flea jokes 02

What did the clean dog say to the insect?
Long time no flea!

Who rode a dog and was a confederate general during the American Civil War?
Robert E Flea!

What is the difference between a flea bitten dog and a bored visitor?
Ones going to itch and the other is itching to go!

What do you call a cheerful flea?
A hop-timist!

What did the idiot do to the flea in his ear?
Shot it!

What did one flea say to the other after a night out?
Shall we walk home or take a dog?
What did the romantic flea say?
I love you aw-flea!

How to fleas travel?
Itch hiking!

What is the difference between fleas and dogs?
Dogs can have fleas but fleas can't have dogs!

Why did the stupid boy wear a turlte neck sweater?
To hide his flea collar!

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