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Dog jokes 02

Q: What do you get if you cross a dog with Concorde?
A: A jet setter!

Q: What do dogs have that no other animal has?
A: Puppy dogs!

Q: Why did the dachshund bite the woman's ankle?
A: Because he was short and couldn't reach any higher!

Q: Where do Eskimos train their dogs?
A: In the mush room!

Q: Why did the snowman call his dog Frost?
Because frost bites!

Q: What do you get if you cross a giraffe with a dog?
A: An animal that barks at low flying aircraft!

Q: What do you call an alcoholic dog?
A: A whino!

Q: What is the difference between Father Christmas and a warm dog?
A: Father Christmas wears a whole suit, a dog just pants!

Q: When is the most likely time that a stray dog will walk into your house?
A: When the door is open!

Q: Why don't dogs make good dancers?
A: Because they have two left feet!

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