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A Collection Of Insults! 76

A brief synopsis... When you're at a loss for words but want to tell someone that he or she is stupid, remember some these quips from our collection here at Aha! Jokes.

Traveling faster than light, but left his sneakers behind.

Traveling without a passport/towel.

Trips over cordless phones.

Truck can't haul a full load.

Trying out for the javelin retrieval team.

Tuning in shortwave with a TV antenna.

Two bits shy of a word/dollar.

Two chapters short of a novel.

Two degrees off square.

Two inches taller than spherical.

Two saucers short of a tea-service.

Two sheep short of a sweater.

Two socks short of a pair.

Two suits short of a full deck. (A half-wit.)

Types 120 words a minute but her keyboard isn't plugged in.

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