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A Collection Of Insults! 62

A brief synopsis... When you're at a loss for words but want to tell someone that he or she is stupid, remember some these quips from our collection here at Aha! Jokes.

One node short of a network.

One of the early failures of electroshock therapy.

One pane short of a window.

One pearl short of a necklace.

One prayer short of absolution.

One press short of a CAPS LOCK key. (Types all uppercase.)

One punch/swing/hit short of a fight.

One sentence short of a paragraph.

One shade short of a rainbow.

One shingle shy of a roof, and the water's getting in.

One ship short of a full fleet.

One side short of a pentagon.

One signature short of a book.

One sleeve/button short of a shirt.

One snowflake short of a ski slope.

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