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A Collection Of Insults! 43

A brief synopsis... When you're at a loss for words but want to tell someone that he or she is stupid, remember some these quips from our collection here at Aha! Jokes.

Hears more lyrics on records when they're played backwards.

Her access time approaches infinity.

Her ancestors came to this country looking for bananas.

Her blender doesn't go past "mix".

Her brain has a corrupted filesystem / someone needs to run fsck on her brain.

Her brain is more like a Rube Goldberg device than a computer.

Her cache is incoherent.

Her dentist went deaf from the drill's echoes.

Her dialing thumb must be broken.

Her ears serve the same function as holes in a dribble glass.

Her files are compressed 100%.

Her head needs a periodic whack on the side.

Her input pipe is broken.

Her interrupt handler hit a loop.

Her leads need resoldering.

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