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A Collection Of Insults! 39

A brief synopsis... When you're at a loss for words but want to tell someone that he or she is stupid, remember some these quips from our collection here at Aha! Jokes.

Had a head crash.

Half a bubble off plumb. -- attributed to Mark Twain

Happiness is seeing her picture on a milk carton.

Hard to distinguish from the tail end of a horse.

Hard to tell if he has an ace up his sleeve or if the ace is missing from his deck altogether.

Has a bus fault problem.

Has a few wait states.

Has a full six-pack but lacks the plastic thing to hold them together.

Has a leak in his ceiling.

Has a one-way ticket on the Disoriented Express.

Has a pulse, but that's about all.

Has a random memory fault.

Has a slow clock.

Has a sparse matrix. (Beware, "matrix" comes from the Latin "womb".)

Has a two-bit operating system.

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