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Accountant And Farmer

An accountant was walking on the countryside when he found a shepherd who had a lot of sheep. The accountant said to the farmer:

"Listen farmer, I can guess how many sheep you have.

The farmer started laughing

"Oh, dear! I have a lot of sheep. You will not be able to guess how many there are.

"Lets bet something: if I guess how many sheep you have, you will give me one of your sheep. If I don't, I will pay you $100.

"Ok, how many there are?

"There are exactly 1,354 sheep. The shepherd was shocked:

"Incredible! I really have 1,354 sheep. Well, a bet's a bet. You win. Choose the sheep you want.

"Oh, I will take this one", said the accountant and he took one.

"Wait for a moment, sir", said the shepherd, "Let's do another bet: if I guess what is your job, you will give me back my sheep, and if I don't, you can take another one".


"You are an accountant.

"Oh, God! That's true. But, how do you know it?

"First, give me back my dog, and then I will explain it to you.