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You Had One Job!

When you're at work (or when you imagine yourself in whatever occupation you have planned) I'm sure you take pride in your work. It's what makes the difference between being able to . These people went far below mediocrity though. They went the extra mile in stupidity! is proud to present:
You Had One Job!
I heard about photoshopping ads but this is ridiculous!
They had to use all their paint or they wouldn't get as much next year.
Maybe he rushed it because he had to pee really bad.
Quality control at that TV station is pretty lack luster.
I'd hate to be those lockers. You know how hard high school can be for anything different!
All he wanted was some coke.

Maybe this was done by a disgruntled Doritos worker or a lazy gas station clerk. Probably the gas station guy.

We are now OEPN!

There's just no excuse for quality control to miss this one. At least you couldn't see into the coke case.

I hope it's not in the ladies room.