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I Can Fix That

When problems arise some people roll over and take what life gives them. Not these people, these people took charge and showed of their handyness. These people saw something that needed to be fixed by a professional and decided to do it themselves, mostly in the most bckwards way possible! is proud to present:
I Can Fix That
I have no spoon.
My seatbelt broke!
My TV is much too big!
I can't get this bottle open.
This guy might just be a reverse vampire.
That's the safest thing I've seen... never!

Let's see someone try to steal this.

Don't go out and buy a new bookshelf, just use books!

When he turns the whole world turns with him...

Not having a cooler cannot stop these party animals.

He must have been really used to Eruope.

I can't imagine the reception being any better.

Top speed: as fast as you can push it.

This is one dedicated skater