Aha Jokes presents: Home Inspection Horrors 
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Home Inspection Horrors

In many situations in life, we can choose the fast way, or the correct way. Sometimes the fast way isn't so bad, but others, you have to wonder what they were thinking when they cut these corners!

AhaJokes.com is proud to present:
Home Inspection Horrors
Circuit Overload
If your support is too short, don't let it throw a wrench in your plans
A new use for an old jock strap
Hole in the roof, fixed.
Fresh hot towels!
Homemade humifier - Just add a bowl of water

Don't forget to install the drain pipe on your new tub!

The icicles will solve the leaky pipe problem for you!

A convenient lightswitch for the shower, in the shower!

Turn your circuit breaker into a medicine cabinet!

In case of an electrical emergency, just move the dryer.