Bar jokes

Bar Jokes

Bar jokes about drunks, drinking, beer, alcoholic beverages, and more!

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Individual joke listings

  • Looking to buy a frog?
  • Who is able to say it?
  • Returning home drunk
  • I didn't get any money
  • I thought you were her
  • Making a bet at a bar
  • A nun arrives at a bar
  • New alcohol warnings
  • Allow drinking at work
  • A neutron enters a bar
  • Magical dancing duck
  • A man drinks too fast
  • A bet made at the bar
  • What causes arthritis?
  • An Irishman's customs
  • No dogs allowed here
  • A very very short man
  • I'm only trying to help
  • Stopped by the police
  • Seal visits a local bar
  • Taking the ferry home
  • Female hormone beer
  • A very depressed man
  • I'm on the wrong bus
  • Vampires go to a bar
  • Will your dog bite me?
  • A golf club is in a bar
  • I am afraid of tarmac
  • I don't owe any money
  • A brain goes to a bar
  • The wife is not speaking
  • If she went out with me
  • Who gave those to you?
  • Bar jokes
  • Drinks are on the house
  • A pill that helps you fly
  • Drink fault-finding guide
  • Unsure if they really paid
  • Driving while very drunk
  • Imagining he sees things
  • A prayer relating to beer
  • Tried to prove something
  • A pirate at the local bar
  • A monkey goes to a bar
  • The official drinking test
  • Signs that you're drunk
  • A drunk orders a beer
  • Insulting drunks at a bar
  • Who keeps saying that?
  • Someone stole from me
  • Trying a nicer approach
  • Bad luck trying to hide
  • I bet you were drinking
  • A girlfriend is in the car
  • I bet I can bite my eyes
  • I only ordered a double
  • I know when I'm drunk
  • They walked into a bar
  • Some yogurt visits a bar
  • Common traits in drunks
  • Number twelve at a bar

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