Animal Jokes

Animal Jokes

Animal Jokes and humor about pets, creatures, dogs, cats, mice, frogs, tigers, wildlife, and much more! For more animal jokes, also check out the animal jokes for kids section of Aha! Jokes!

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Here are Animal Jokes ... Click on the joke's link to read it ...

  • Question and Answer
  • Buying a New Bird
  • Boasting about Races
  • Frog Calls a Psychic
  • Chickens with Books
  • Tiger Walking Guide
  • Snail with a Fast Car
  • Very Insulting Parrot
  • Pet's Guide to Life
  • Dog Who Plays Chess
  • Three Tough Mice
  • Steven Wright Dogs
  • The Mad Cow Disease
  • Where Bats Get Blood
  • Don't Talk to Parrots
  • The Seeing Eye Dog
  • Feeding Pigs Faster
  • A Horrible Dog Fight
  • A Very Smart Dog
  • Animal Football Game
  • The Cat's Dictionary
  • Two Fools Flying
  • A Dog Who Can Fly
  • The Plumber is Here
  • Cat's Chalkboard
  • A Preacher's Parrot
  • A Burglar's Problems
  • A Smart Talking Dog
  • Handling Baby Bears
  • A Human's Chalkboard
  • Instrument Flying Guide
  • Two Roaches Talking
  • Incredibly Smart Dog
  • Animal Jokes
  • The Dog's Chalkboard
  • I Think I'm a Chicken
  • Bad Dog for the Blind
  • Cat Technical Support
  • Terrible Car Accident
  • Question and Answer
  • Question and Answer
  • Question and Answer
  • Question and Answer
  • Question and Answer
  • Cat on the Internet
  • Dogs Don't Understand
  • Buy Alligator Shoes
  • Cow on Train Tracks
  • Two Angry Neighbors
  • I'm at the Worst Zoo
  • Sounds of the Wild New!
  • Giving Cats Pills New!
  • Feline Physics Laws New!
  • The Feline Diet New!
  • Dogs and Light Bulbs New!
  • Dog Property Rules New!
  • Horses at the Race New!
  • Installing a Carpet New!

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