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What is Aha! Jokes?

     Aha! Jokes is one of the most popular clean joke sites on the Internet. Offering clean jokes, text files, audio files, video clips, pictures, cartoons, and animations, we have become recognized as a leader of jokes and humor on the World Wide Web. To continue our rapid growth, we are still making daily updates on our site!

Why does it exist?

     Aha! Jokes was established after a team of people noticed a severe lack of family-friendly joke content on the Internet. Immediately, they went to work. After thousands of hours of effort from programmers, graphic designers, and marketing specialists, the site was on-line in August 2001.

What is its goal?

     The primary goal of Aha! Jokes is to put a smile on the face of every visitor to our site. People don't laugh enough in this world and seem to take some things too seriously; we hope this does the trick to make everyone's day a little bit brighter. To accomplish this goal, we make daily updates to our site, have constant improvements, carefully examine every comment or suggestion, and appreciate our users, who make it all possible. Once again, we just want to say thank you.

How can I help?

     If you believe in our cause, to give families and all others a place to have a few clean laughs for free on the Web, then we welcome your help in allowing us to grow. The best way to do this will also benefit you: 1) visit and enjoy our jokes, 2) tell friends about Aha! Jokes using our simple form so they too can laugh, and 3) subscribe to our free joke newsletter, Laughing Gas.

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