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Funniest Headlines!

In todays fast paced world of the internet we have news instantly at our finger tips. Because of this it's always hard to know if the news you're getting is real and fact checked or just random half-truths or even made up entirely. Well we can always turn to the tried and true newspaper. Newspapers have a great history of being official and true and serious. Well even the good ol' newspaper is an intentional master of the double entendre and that's exactly what these pictures show! is proud to present:

Funniest Headlines!
They could have at least put his first name. Just so it wasn't SO bad sounding.
What's the sound of one hand clapping again?
Does that mean that Princess Diana wasn't a zombie? I've been lied to!
If that's true then what was all that about a mistress?
If that's all it takes to be a psychic and con poor shmucks out of their money... sign me up!
I wonder how far it drops off when those teens turn 30!
I wonder if he served himself his papers too.
Does that mean he can go anywhere outside, but just not go into any buildings?
Taking see something say something to a whole new level.
Are they just bragging?
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