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Happy April Fools Day 2014!

April Fools Day is our favorite Holiday at, can you imagine why? I mean we live, sweat, and die to make you laugh! We know it's not an easy job but someone has to do it so to honor this most glorious of days here is a collection of our favorite pranks, enjoy! is proud to present:

Happy April Fools Day 2014!
The guy on the bench is fooling NO ONE, he paid that man to wrap them up ;)
JNN reports that they kept it up all day.
The pidgins now have a protector.
The classice shoes glued to the floor prank.
The night before his buddy actually fell asleep under a table at a frat party. So disheartned by his friends safe return home he brought the table to him!
This is a new one, it's called the "butt to mouth"
The heir to the Macy's fortune gets her prank on too!
I'd say this prank is on a roll but it just got blown off of one!
There are no girls on the internet
Sneak attap!
And it was the middle of the day too.
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