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Photo Shop Fails

Sometimes people get so caught up with convincing other people their life is awesome they go to great lengths to prove that. One of the best ways to do this, it seems, is to photoshop yourself with a new girlfriend, a smaller stomach, or a new car. Not everyone is a photshop expert though however and sometimes you get: epic photoshop fails! is proud to present:

Photo Shop Fails
Besides the terrible blending... Who is that person's head in the background!?
He's such a playa.
His new tiger is so kewl.
If you're gonna photoshop a girls head to make it look like... well you know, DON'T use a celebrity!
So much fat in that before picture.
Could her stomach have been that big in the first place? She's just inviting ridicule.
The tattoo is bad enough, but those glasses! Also airing your family feuds online is always in bad taste.
Almost, ALMOST.
He's also a millionaire.
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