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Funny Sport Stills

With the Olympics in full swing for the past few weeks we have decided to honor the stars of sports. The pictures featured today are a collection of hilarious stills that capture those sports stars at their not so brightest! is proud to present:

Funny Sport Stills
He pulled those up so high he felt that in his face!
I'm sure he's a professional high diver but look at that face of terror!
The new way to say "suck it" in sports...
I didn't realize they were so afraid to jump.
Double the dive, double the fear.
Hole in one! Oh wait... That's wrestling not golf...
I don't think you're supposed to hit that with your face.
If I didn't know any better I'd say he was levitating with the sheer power of his mind!
Not even a cheek, he's right in there deep. Tsk Tsk.
Now that's a stretch!
I can't even imagine the move that would leave him with his head in his oppenents briefs.
Bare Hugger!
Sticking his tongue out at a bull is not the wisest decision he's ever made.
He gave himself a wedgie.
Pile Driver!
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