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Only At Walmart

We've all been there, whether you shop there primarily or just run in as a convenience Walmart is that shining beacon of 24/7 commercialism that has been there for us at some point. That being said Walmart attracts all of us and when some people come out of the wood work it's a terrifying thing! is proud to present:

Only At Walmart
I thought leash laws were just for dogs.
Grandma is a bit sleazy it seems.
Coon jerky tonight!
Double mullet attack!
Soooo that's an alligator on a leash.
Who could possibly drink all that milk before it goes bad? Are they having a milk party? TWO PEOPLE DID THIS! NOT JUST ONE!
Okay so if you look closely you can see that the cinnamon bun container is open. Making room for more it seems...
That lock will stop 'em!
Some people just hate walking that extra few feet they'll just make your car into a parking spot.
He must think the sign is just to keep everyone else from using it, surely it'd work for him!
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