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Worst Hair Styles Of All Time

Depending on how old you are the following may be a trip down nostalgia lane or a shocking look at the past. In either case the following hair styles that have (thankfully) gone out of favor are indeed the very WORST hair styles to have ever graced the top of a head. is proud to present:

Worst Hair Styles Of All Time
The bangs look like my hair does in the middle of my haircut. As for those sidburns...
The perpendicular mohawk!
The ear window.
Looks as if he just collided with a poodle at high speed.
His hair is a metaphor for the prison of his teenage angst.
Friar Tuck anyone?
Side-hawk? I don't even know with this one.. Horns?
Taking the "rat tail" to a whole new level!
The tentacle!
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