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Most Insane Pictures

Taken out of context almost anything can be seen as insane or inexplicable. However the following pictures truly defy all rational attempts at explaining why they exist! is proud to present:

Most Insane Pictures
I keep imagining there is some grand explanation for this picture. That's as far as I get though, I can't fathom a course of events that would lead to this picture being taken.
Okay, this had to have been a regular thing in that class NO ONE IS CONCERNED.
It has to be performance art.
Hot To Trot come to life!
To be fair the bag isn't over his head.
When you get so drunk that a shoe works as a funnel.
Who brings a cat on a boat... That's just crazy!
Just teaching the "younguns" how it's done.
I love to think whoever took this picture was a scientist studying them in their natural habitat.
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