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Worst Cosplays

Enjoying your favorite characters from film, TV shows, or comic books is a great way to have fun or blow a weekend at a convention. It brings you together with friends you never even knew you had. Of course it's always better when you really get into it by dressing up as those characters. Sometimes however... that goes horribly, horribly wrong! is proud to present:

Worst Cosplays
I really hope that R2-D2 has underwear on D:
He probably won't ever find his Eve if that's the most effort he's willing to put forth.
There are many things wrong with this cosplay... The worst thing is that there are TWO Smurfettes... TWO!
She ate James!
This is The Silver Surfer as a baked potato.
We have a two for one deal here. The one on the left is just silly; the one on the right is from the Kanto Chainsaw Massacre!
Cardboard and felt, there is nothing better!
I never thought about Freeza going to the bathroom, until now.
At least he's happy. Look at that coy smile!
Is it Kirby with the Spy's powers??? Or The Spy disguised as Kirby???
The odd thing is the Death Star doesn't look so bad. Why in the world is he wearing it without a mask or anything?
Again cardboard is the material of choice. The most expensive part of the costume is that flashlight.
I can't tell if Lisa is a boy or a girl!
Basketball hoop... That is all.
Green sweater and painted bucket. Well done!
Is he sad, disgruntled, or plotting to kill someone? Maybe his friends made him go alone.
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