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Happy New Year!

Wrapping up the year can be stressful which is why it's always best to have a great New Years Eve party! Ahajokes would like to show you some do nots for your New Years party. And of course what would New Years be without Resolutions so we've included some pointers on them as well. is proud to present:

Happy New Year!
Make sure to NOT invite this guy to your New Years party. He'll just creep everyone out.
Dual-wielding swords is really cool, beer bottles not so much.
I wonder if her dress said: "Drink until you want me."
Don't feel so bad if your party is never as cool as the ones on TV. Our office party is on the right!
This cat has read my mind.
Again... that's going to be the Ahajokes staff on the right.
I ALWAYS mess this up!
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