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Perfectly Timed Photos 2

Did you ever see something in the blink of an eye and instantly regret not immortalizing it on film? Well sometimes there is a lucky person with a camera at the perfect place at the perfect time. Thanks to those few you can share in the greatness of perfectly timed photos! is proud to present:

Perfectly Timed Photos 2
The rules of soccer sure have changed; this colonoscopy is worth a GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!
The first ever foot headed gymnast allowed in the olympics.
Don't ever make a deal with the devil.
Two words... kegel exercises
I crush you now puny human!

A dog that is also... a boy.

That statue got game!

Baby got back!

To be the best at basketball you must become the basketball.

Not so hard!

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Look it up.

We put a man on the moon and this proves it!

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