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Most Awesome Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving is here! That being said I'm sure some (okay, all) of you are dreading spending time with the parts of your family you can't stand. We at Ahajokes feel it is our duty as fungineers to make sure you know that your families thanksgiving might not be so bad after all. is proud to present:
Most Awesome Thanksgiving Photos
I hope those are leftovers...
This is what we all do on Thanksgiving night. Let's hope you're not in line for Black Friday when it comes!
This cat is not pleased; he ordered tuna.
I think she's trying way too hard to be a rebel. Or trying too hard to get her cousin to like her, I can't decide.
To a dog that is worth more than a million bucks!
Just chilling in a hot tub.

Who has the heart to cook that funny looking guy?

Grandpa has stolen the legs... AGAIN.

That might just be the most disturbing thing ever.

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