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Funniest Town names

Ever go on a road trip? Did you ever see some funny town names? Ever wonder if you've ever seen the funniest town name there is? We at ahajokes have sent our team of fungineers to find the most hilarious town names in existence. is proud to present:
Funniest Town names
Cumming, Georgia. Whoever founded this town knew how to have a good time.
Sweet Lips, Tennessee. Who's lips did they use as a model for the sign? The mayors wife?
Beaver Lick, Kentucky. This pizza place knows how to insult you with a smile.
Goobertown, Arkansas. Perhaps Spongebob should go visit... I'm a goofy goober yeah!
Climax, Pennsylvania. How can the population be so low? Isn't everyone trying to get to Climax??
Horneytown, North Carolina. Founded by prostitutes or johns?

Toad Suck, Arkansas. I bet all the kids that grow up their try it at least once.

Satan's Kingdom, Connecticut. Let's hope the Pope doesn't find out about this place, there will be another crusade!

Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania. I've known a few pleasant gaps in my time, but that was certainly the biggest!

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