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Crazy Warning Signs

Ever see a sign and wonder why it would ever need to exist? We thought the same thing about the signs featured in this weeks fun page. If you think you've seen some messed up signs, wait until you see these! is proud to present:
Crazy Warning Signs
I guess some people will do anything to try to get energy in the morning.... Did someone really try this???
I would say they had trouble with Spiderman recently but even he crawls on walls.
Is this saying don't drop babies out of cars? Or maybe don't pick them up out of strange cars... Either way, does it really need to be said?
They're ticketing everything nowadays, even the well endowed.
I'm not even sure what this one is, something to do with fire and a seagull. Probably best not to think too hard, whoever put it up surely didn't!
The flush on that thing will burst your eardrums, apparently.

No... peeing on scissors while eggs are being cut? Your guess is as good as mine.

It says: "Rest area, keep clean!" And beneath that it explains the fine... That is a very graphic picture, leave it to the Germans.

My only question is: Are the children riding the warthogs? Because that would be fan-freaking-tastic!

I would hope so...

This signs use is that it let's us know it's not being used... A paradox?

The strange thing is Hospitals have bathrooms in nearly every patient room! Who would be doing that?

Why do they only care about tortillas? WHY!

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