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kioryaqi@hot… 3/04/2014

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2c3sg7b6@out… 2/11/2014

I found the Fox Sports Jerome and Turkey campaigns hilauiors. And the recent Skittles ads. And Nextel Dance Party. And...oh nothing from this country. Including that Bear Fight for John West. Unlike millions of others, I didn\'t find it funny.That Gorilla is funny, though. I think funnier than that website.Funny, funny, funny. Ha ha ha ha. He\'s a funny monkey. Look at him go. With those drums. Funny.

polatin@care… 10/20/2013


cjreyes143@ya… 2/25/2012

My cat did that in the dryer but my dad didn't see him luckily he heard the loud thumping and so my cat has only two bumps on his head. Which explains a lot :P

lillyanne87@gm… 2/09/2012

so cute

eirgl@a… 1/27/2012