It's been a long week.

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pkaxs4q0tf@gm… 3/04/2014

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sqmueohe0z@ya… 2/11/2014

Wedy asawee ahktar mn chethe lol hehehe wedy aseer nathla o akheth a box mn the middle o watch it fall o ham wedy asawe a new version of angry birds lol[]omarker Reply:September 19th, 2011 at 2:48 pmi didnt think of angry bird thing Lol !!GOOD One ;p[]

atek@saf… 10/19/2013

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bonniewear@q… 6/25/2013

They got a new dog.....

kkaatteeyy441144@gm… 7/31/2012

cat also drinking

sweety16mf@gm… 5/23/2012

he's gonna get wasted

leebruce32@ya… 5/09/2012

Give. Me. Booze!

Wolflover716@gm… 2/12/2012

i never got to see "Puss in Boots" with my bros, they just left me hangin'

catsnap@ya… 2/05/2012

"WAITER! Another round of Scotch please! Thank you!"

joshuabastos@ya… 1/31/2012

"Its been a long week"

Jessicalazo_2002@hot… 12/31/2011