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please send me some funny videos

norestmutsau 02/11/2014


elvingo_ebrat 01/23/2014

Your mother must be real proud of you. Did she ever tell you that you were a mistake.

robertkissy4001 01/11/2014

so funny

daishawngibson 11/24/2013

Its really funny to see how animals eat their food. When humans behave like animals, its very funny too, but when you are in the video..... its not funny at all !!!

edilma.aguilarx 11/06/2013

hahahahhahahaah funny

tinalee 08/03/2013

How about a memebase site that's temehd TL;DR ? A picture of anything is captioned, and the caption fits the formula TL;DR and then (usually) no more than five words. (Example: Picture of Obama giving an address; Caption TL;DR: Health care or GTFO. )1

bookings 06/25/2013


titchytyler123 06/10/2013