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irumai2012 03/10/2014

If Quotes Chimp are in a hurry to find coverage�or even if you are not�always ask the agent if he or she has been given authority by the insurance company or compa�nies to issue binders. If the answer is yes and you sign up for insurance, be sure yo

vjk7ko7tqlq 03/03/2014

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gnhsfyvb4z 02/11/2014

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ejfzy8cc 02/11/2014

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b.cleaspeh 11/17/2013

So I love how on the news clip, at the end when they're telling you to go<a href=""> onilne</a> to respond to the story, they pull up their own website and the screen focuses right on a girl in a bikini bottom, and whoever's running t

jennifergreen 11/15/2013

I think a lot of you are misreading Jim Watkin's reply. He's not sainyg we knew about it all the time. He's sainyg, we went triple-meta! Which actually sounds like at least a halfway classy way of admitting defeat.The DMCA crap, on the other hand, is

info 11/13/2013

For the record, Jim Watkins was just <a href="">trniyg</a> to be funny with that blog post. He's not really <a href="">trniyg</a> convince people he wasn't fooled. It's tongue-in-cheek. It's a little weird that a

b.droufrup 11/12/2013

once I put cingfilm on the <a href=\"\">toielt</a> and stuck it on there with super glue I put it on the adults <a href=\"\">toielt</a> and when my mum went on the adult <a href=\"\">toielt</a> she wee

info 11/05/2013

Once a boy was really aniynon me in class. He sits in front of me and started to empty my bag. So i stood up and emptied his and threw it on the floor. I got in trouble and he did\'nt. Now i stretch my legs out,grab his bag with my feet and start to shake

medimurcia 10/26/2013

Fair Use laws are pretty amubougis for this sort of thing The news show that broadcast your vid is pretty set legally since they were using your IP in an editorial fashion, but likewise I think you'll be on totally fine legal ground if you take their cha

joga.zburzynski 10/19/2013