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So funny, so nice, comming soon:

tuanbui.inviendong 04/11/2015

Enter your comment here.nice funny

terrenceacton 03/23/2015

That isfunny

Carriemarrie11 10/26/2014

this is so funny i watched it like 20 times!!!!

yomamajokes 03/19/2014

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fd4pwezh 03/03/2014

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l9ome21ws 02/11/2014

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7i6l8otk8b 02/11/2014

toooooo cute and funny

Ruth032586 11/21/2013

I thought that was so cute and funny loved it.

Ruth032586 11/21/2013

Oh,....thank-you so much for this post! It is good to know I am not the only one who has these random thouhgts that sometimes even escape my mouth. BTW - I think the poor panda is the one who will be the messed up one. [url=http://syb

jegodbout 11/17/2013

When i was little i<a href=""> palyed</a> a prank on this girl i didn't like,anyway the prank was;I got a bowl of water and a hand full of sand and mixed them both together,when she wasn't looking I tipped it down the back of her trouse

blanchfieldr 11/15/2013

I can't believe Shatner did a knock-off Puss N' Boots. It looks like a PS2 cut scene, for crniyg out loud.If anyone is looking for a good alternate Puss N' Boots, I heartily recommend the 1960s anime, The Wonderful World of Puss N' Boots. great anima

x.loucijoun 11/13/2013

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prac 11/12/2013

one day i tricked my fnreid into going into the girls bathroom as a dare. it was the sports day so all girls in the school were there! xD he just stood in there and started to cry!! so he was takin out of the toilets to stand in the hall then a stampede o

qmptishp 11/09/2013

At school no-one liked the <a href=\"\">frcneh</a> teacher so we played a trick ..I hid an alarm clock in the cupboard along with a sound effects machine that had a bomb sound on it. Everything went like this:Miss: Zilence!!!!(Ze <a h

runrunwonwon 11/05/2013

once my friend steyad over at my house then he told me that he was playing on the xbox and that he would not play co-op so i went down stiars and told my mum so then i went upstairs and my friend forgot his toothpaste and so had we so mum asked me to get

alloymakers 10/26/2013

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927638312 10/21/2013

Someone pranked me like this:1. In a break time at socohl, tell the person that you will meet them somewhere but cross your fingers behind your back where they can’t see. 2. Go near the place but hide. 3. Wait for them to come looking for you and, when

efmmtc 10/20/2013

cute baby panda

mrsames2001 09/25/2013

nice panda pet.

sewwandibodinayaka 09/05/2013

very funy.

sewwandibodinayaka 09/05/2013

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its so funny

mayankmani22 06/29/2013

OMG! Laughing my head off! If you watched this 100 times it wouldn't get boring!!

one.directionharrys 05/08/2013