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Maybe you can find something on one of these list for the christmas-Bob

adele23gus 11/21/2013

BLACK friday! get it? BLACK? BLACK AS IN RASIST? BLACKS FROM AFRICA!? XDDD AHHAHAHAHAHA *sorry for being rasist!* *but its funny!*

Melanie 03/30/2013

con not download clipe

new_khaksar 03/14/2013

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bio-med 12/03/2012


loharper 11/26/2012


samuelsbeulah 10/09/2012

Eyebrows – They mean something hahah

rsidhu104 10/04/2012

not funny ....DUMB

alitzelpearl8 08/04/2012

Great dude

zarryfer61 08/03/2012

Great dude

zarryfer61 08/03/2012

Funny II

Amirsalar123 07/28/2012


Beverlyanncooley 07/21/2012

Bwaa hahahahaahaa!!!!!!! this is so stupid funny..

yomama 06/01/2012


unique.creations 05/22/2012


sudhiralaigh 05/20/2012

its so funny

natalia.pagan 05/15/2012

Nice one.

chibuzor-daniel 04/04/2012

Hilarious! My children & I were rolling:)

handhhelpershand 04/01/2012

im gonna do that with my friends!

erik506 03/17/2012


Hotgirl 03/11/2012


Hotgirl 03/11/2012

loveofall 02/27/2012

u soooo dumd dummmmmieeeesssss

molinaandrea22 02/19/2012