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ohz3hpim0iw 03/03/2014

My idea of jumping up and pulling a Bruce Lee

eaglgrp 02/19/2014

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hpbeukes 12/23/2013

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pranav 11/15/2013

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pmmadrid 11/12/2013

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20naffaa 11/05/2013

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zallen 10/21/2013

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tchristensen 10/20/2013

i want to down load it

rufusmasiza 08/09/2013


shooflytwo-1 03/25/2013


Arar241 02/27/2013


ron-kist 02/23/2013

Lol.I love this Vid

dt.simmons110 02/16/2013

That was funny

murphylaw69 02/12/2013

So freaking awsome

Paytonbordelon 02/05/2013


abby.cedilla 01/26/2013


javedrasulian 01/08/2013

Haha i Should do that to my uncle. :3

Jadabot317 12/29/2012

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reklaweelyendor 12/21/2012

rrrd2 12/19/2012


leahamutenya 11/30/2012

joke 10/06/2012

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wtyisha60 09/29/2012

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arthur18 09/23/2012

Look at all these views!

mankesurprise 08/22/2012

Yikes those comments.

uhoh 08/22/2012


kachinamt.97 08/20/2012

o............ my sweety

niranjanimp 08/10/2012

coolman 08/05/2012

really weird it looks like he is acting ???!!!

alitzelpearl8 08/04/2012


Amirsalar123 07/28/2012

Enter your comment here.A

ankittyagi510 07/20/2012

Keep try'n who knows...

aikepro77 07/09/2012

Very funny

vernon13 07/07/2012

Ouchie Momma!

kevinblaze67 07/01/2012

Wow cool video .

davisshanika68 07/01/2012

Enter your comeement

davisshanika68 07/01/2012

Enter your comeement

davisshanika68 07/01/2012


Aitondanielperry 06/21/2012

im gonna do that to my older bro!!! XD

leikoopmans 06/19/2012

aww maan dude spilled his milk...or is dat milk???

maribelborjas 06/11/2012


kushmishra245 06/09/2012

this is so funny best prank ever ! (:

tilahfountain9 06/07/2012

this is so funny best prank ever ! (:

tilahfountain9 06/07/2012

Enter your comment here.that very funny

Dotcom99 06/02/2012

Is Cool

olusolachizoba 05/29/2012

lmao he is hurt

matoniko 05/27/2012


anasoem 04/30/2012

Funny ha ha

alecyardley 04/30/2012

Shoes glued to the floor

alroy.vanheerden 04/25/2012

im on my 3ds cool huh

jillinmi 04/16/2012


REFEJERUAYA 04/07/2012


gary 04/06/2012

yall so dam funny

shalikqua 04/04/2012

yall so dam funny

shalikqua 04/04/2012

yall so dam funny

shalikqua 04/04/2012


vibhor21.21 03/28/2012

Die lekkerste wat ek nog gelag het

marina 03/23/2012


smexiibabby 03/22/2012

omg it as so funny did any of hie tooth came out lol

touchmerite69 03/04/2012

how to subscribe

melsplace2011 02/27/2012


carla.sirkka 02/14/2012

watch this

ripaneog 02/13/2012

awesum, mindblowing

pranavraje13 02/12/2012

Enter your comment here. Luv it

mentebvic 02/12/2012

that is just rhud and mean not funney at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ftur 02/11/2012

HAHAHAHAHHXSCDSKCDSCKDSJHFDSXS,M.MXSX,.L SAMMLCVK,M i can't stop laughtrkhioedjvmfdng ahahahadv[pfdgvio;csalsd

Pardinasjayson 02/06/2012

He's some clipe!!!

gormanmichael58 01/29/2012