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vishal8527 07/29/2013

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kjbdoa 03/11/2013

lupitzv 02/18/2013

Only the best

Joelalfredo01 01/23/2013

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penscott 01/10/2013

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luzser1800 11/30/2012


heenascontractor 11/19/2012


jokinyah 10/15/2012


azvinorova 09/11/2012

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fgalicia04 08/27/2012


mcintyrean 08/22/2012

Grear joke

Egan 08/17/2012 8/16/2012

rose81400 08/16/2012

Super videos

dj.manito 07/21/2012

Super videos

dj.manito 07/21/2012

Best of best

mallahwaheedali 07/18/2012


mersmart 07/17/2012


ajeettomar1995 07/14/2012

I would have beat him out that bed.

ashg17 07/06/2012

I would have beat him out that bed.

ashg17 07/06/2012

hahahahahahahah lol! ur like my dad

nina 07/04/2012


sweetflavii 06/30/2012


adefilabolatto 06/22/2012


fakgdsfgdsef 06/14/2012

i hav a scheme goin on...i brought mai netbook to bed (netbooks r liek mini laptops) and started watching this. da hard part was not loling. nice music...oh, wait, dat's hummin?!?

maribelborjas 06/11/2012

Child abuse

Noahkng3 06/10/2012

i lovd

normansipho28 06/03/2012

here is a joke, the psp internet browser. if you know what i mean.

dragonfirez9000 06/03/2012

I cant laugh stop it

Avssagar34 06/02/2012

Yo mama is so OLD her memory is in BLACK and WHITE

velasquezdavid172 05/30/2012

He had a good night yesterday :D

velasquezdavid172 05/30/2012

Very sweet videos

Vishnu.reddy.vishnu9 05/27/2012

balle balle balle balleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

sardargurmeetsingh66 05/27/2012

Lol never sleep in that house

portiamakamu79 05/24/2012

I love ur website

musaib.ismail 05/15/2012

Hahaha I so do not want to sleep in his house ;)

Hannah 05/15/2012

very funny and I don not want to sleep in his house

dmaxwell307 05/12/2012

Esit eket local govt. Area.

Umanabasibom 05/06/2012

wow.... poor kid...

meandnobody 05/05/2012

Jdbitehugd djyrg ysjtd tvhjzr uhybdtj

anurag3900 04/28/2012

No comment

alroy.vanheerden 04/25/2012

I'm willing to see this video unforfunately enough it shows black! Nothing moving here or funny things happening! Jerrrrrrrrrrrr

palesampho6 04/25/2012

Lol i wish i could see it but the video is blocked un block it for me please

j.burns09 04/24/2012

Wow it's very good video

shahidshahidgouri 04/16/2012

Nice one

stevencaesar23 04/09/2012

Nenenenenene get out of bed xD

troelsdall 03/30/2012

Cool videos

babs.pillay 03/24/2012


sagar_j17 03/23/2012

very funny :D

bella_luphercyld96 03/20/2012


na_10452 02/28/2012

Ȋ̝̊̅ dolapo always catch fun in U̶̲̥̅̊я jokez keep it. Up

dpodollas 02/28/2012

Its good

aba.hamidi 02/18/2012

I love it

0833564566 02/14/2012


wizeejenea 02/14/2012

watch it pls it is funny really !!!!!!

munzer3mohammed 02/14/2012

is he crying it sounds like it or is he laughing i will look again *(^ U ^)*

mary 02/08/2012


SISIR_RAUT 01/28/2012

Hahahaha thats so mean lol ^0^

jasminesmit 01/28/2012


sahanihansika 01/26/2012