Greeted with a snear

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i think this is the funniest picture out of all

tahdjahna@e-… 5/19/2012

I think your dog loves you and is trying to smile, coz he's seen you do it but it's a human thing,not a dog thing and he hasnt quite got it but he tries hard every day. just give him a cuddle he'd like that.

troddan@hot… 3/03/2012

Honestly dude, just went back to see your dog, same thing. Hurt my foot falling off the chair, tears, hard to breathe. one of the funniest things I'v seen. Thanks

troddan@hot… 3/03/2012

he once saw you naked and ......I laughed so hard I had snot coming out of my nose, thank you so much for sharing weird little dog

troddan@hot… 3/03/2012


poop@ya… 2/27/2012

i cant see it!!!!

bebeautifulbeyou1@ya… 1/29/2012


Somebodyawesome@sym… 12/12/2011

Like on your pillow you idot

doghater@hot… 11/25/2011

maybe he pooped somewhere? XD

amberlbarber@hot… 11/16/2011