Blatant Speciesism

lol, I know all of those cats. ~~from left to right, -Burmese -Burmese -Siberian -Chartreeux -Tonkinese -American Shorthair -Japanese Bobtail {..<3} - Maine Coon still, love the joke :P ~

amberheart6701@gm… 5/25/2012

When read your 3 posts I knew right away three-tards I can name every breed of cat on the pic.

Udumbdoglovers@d… 5/03/2012

That is so true. You never even ask what species a cat is when you want to know cuz nobody knows lol

kenziereardan@gm… 3/13/2012

That is the same with me. Sooo true. If I saw a cat walking with it's owner (awkwardly) and I went over to pat it ( as if I would ) I would ask to pat it ect. ect. But if I saw a dog I would ask to pat it and ASK THE BREED No one wants to know thebreed of CATS

slappymads@hotm… 12/31/2011

So true

welcometothenextlevel@ma… 12/11/2011