Hand farts

If you understood the meaning of Our Lord's passion you would not think this funny.

cfischer@a… 5/14/2014

I agree withowendr2010 and bradley.moonkey. You other guys have totally misunderstood your own religion and are the reason why I'm not in it any more. Like when you hate a great sports team because of mean fans.

cubana.si.como.no@gm… 5/11/2013

PS - Uploader, love your work (o:

bradley.moonkey@yah… 6/07/2012

I'm with owendr2010, it is indeed rather amusing. To the others:- 1) try using a dictionary, or just learn some grammar in general. 2) I wasn't there, but I doubt that JC was caucasian. How do you know this isn't a depiction of a father practicing his hand-Fttt's before he goes home, so that he can entertain his kid(s)? 3) I don't seem to be able to find any of your scowling comments on any other pictures on this site. A few of them appear to be "disrespectful" in the extreme when compaired

bradley.moonkey@yah… 6/07/2012

OMG seriously this is so disrespectful i dont find it funny at all!!! -_-

evelyn.ayala1029@gm… 5/05/2012

this makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chease1997@gm… 2/24/2012

ya so funny haha not most disrespectful thing on earth is making fun of your creater!!!!

chease1997@gm… 2/24/2012

Ok, this is just so disrespectful and this is not funny at all. I wish I had never seen this photo. I don't understand why some people have to be disrespectful toward the Lord Jesus after all he did for you and all of us. :(

sunbreeshine@ya… 2/20/2012

you clearly need a CT scan "most disrespectful pic" my arse it's the funniest pic on here. "have respect for the man who made you" who? my dad? grow a brain cell... infact no don't you'll be dangerous.

owendr2010@hot… 2/15/2012

this is not right do u even have respect for the man who made you DO YOU well if u do the i dont see it u should be a shamed

su_el@ana… 2/10/2012

Hand farting is cool!

one_strange_mind@hot… 2/02/2012

This is the most disrespectful pic or whatever you want to call it, I have EVER seen. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!

toi.barrett@gm… 12/10/2011